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As the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project advances, the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation and NEED are working together to bring curriculum, teacher training and hands-on kits to Virginia’s schools. In 2022, two schools or educational institutions will be selected to receive a wind installation. 

In 2022, two schools or educational institutions will be selected to receive a micro-wind turbine installation that also includes solar and storage. 

The installation will be an ARIS Remote Power Unit (RPU) similar to these - Photo 1, Photo 2

Dominion Energy and NEED are currently accepting applications to the Dominion Energy Wind for Students Program to provide:
  • An ARIS RPU described as ”A renewable off-grid lighting solution with the power, efficiency & reliability to work in a wide range of environments & remote locations The off-grid RPU is the natural choice for providing reliable, independent lighting on roadways, walkways, parking lots and recreation areas.”
  • Renewable and storage technology included:
    • Wind Power
      • Rated power output 300w
      • Rated wind speed 9 m/s (20 mph)
      • Cut in wind speed 2 m/s (4.5 mph)
      • Height of tower:  Approximately 30 feet
    • Solar Power
      • 1 or 2 mono or polycrystalline panel
      • 250w per panel
    • Storage
      • (2) 12v batteries for 24v storage
      • Capacity:  150/200/230 amp hour
  • An online monitoring tool, to provide real-time data on the system’s activity and the amount of electricity generated.
  • An online data display to show teachers, students, parents, and school visitors the output of the system.
  • Wind Energy training for classroom teachers and personnel at the school or institution.
  • Standards of Learning, State Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned wind curriculum and hands-on kits that will teach students how wind energy works and how energy, the environment and economics are all part of energy decision making. 
  • A Celebration to cut the ribbon and showcase the institution's new installation for the local community.
  • Connections to other Wind for Students program participants to share data, partner on projects and expand learning

For more info on the ARIS system - click here.  View PDF of the following application requirements here.