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We asked customers for photos of their dogs doing what they do best – digging! We narrowed the competition down to 5 finalists, but choosing one winner is a "ruff" task. So we’d like your help!

Please vote below for the dog you think should star in our new safe digging campaign. You can vote as many times as you like through July 28. We’ll announce the winner – our new “ambassadog” – on Tuesday, August 11. That’s 811 Day, a day when we remind people to always dial 811 before starting a digging project. An expert will come to your home for free to mark where utility lines are on your property.

Take a look at the photos below and – further down on the page – at a bit of information about each dog. Then submit your vote! There are a couple of digging safety-focused questions, as well, at the end.

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* 1. Select your favorite furry finalist:

Sawyer is a mix of seven breeds, including Australian Shepherd and Dachshund! He is proud of a hole he dug this summer at a farmer’s market. He also "digs" in rugs inside his home, sometimes "burying" a treat to save for later.

Kirito is a Shiba Inu. When he digs a hole in his backyard, he sticks his nose deep inside for a good sniff. When his parents fill-in the holes, he goes back and digs them up again.

Questa is a Hound Dog, a master sniffer. She loves digging for rabbits so she can chase them. She puts her whole head in the holes and takes huge, loud sniffs. She does this even in deep snow!

Appa is a Husky who loves digging in the yard and near trees. In the photo, he’s searching for rabbits. His other passions are giving kisses to his neighbors and singing with his Husky sister, Monroe.

King is a big German Shepherd who loves digging up flowers. He also buries things so he can find them later.

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* 2. Choose the photo below that shows someone already called 811 to mark their buried utilities.

Hint: You'll know by the above-ground markers, including different flags, stakes or paint.

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* 3. When I call 811, a technician will come to my home at no charge to mark buried utilities on my property.

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