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About the study
In response to the need identified by City of Vaughan residents and informed by the previous off-leash dog area study, the City of Vaughan is undertaking a study to help identify future local off-leash dog areas and how to best operate and manage these facilities. Recognizing that the family dog is an important member of many families, providing areas where these family members can safely play and socialize are important to the dog’s quality of life. Families may have limited available space to provide a safe place for dogs to play and socialize. Off-leash dog areas fulfill this need for families.

Additionally, these areas provide opportunities for both non-dog owners and dog-owners to meet, socialize and create a sense of community. In supporting the diverse needs of our City residents, we welcome you to fill in this survey to support the research study to help us identify locations, amenities and services for these areas.

Your responses to this survey will help the City inform its current study for local off-leash dog areas and will take up to 15 minutes of your time. These local areas would be situated within neighbourhoods on City-owned lands and would be smaller in size than the current off-leash dog regional park located at Concord Thornhill. These local off-leash dog areas would have appropriate safety measures, such as fencing and lighting. The survey will close Tuesday, March 31.

To use off-leash dog facilities, dogs must be at least six months of age, spayed/neutered (fixed) and licensed. These rules will be clearly communicated at the entrance to all local off-leash dog areas.

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Dog licences
Did you know? The City issues dog licences in person and online to dog owners for $20 per year, which supports the City to:
  • easily identify and safely reunite lost pets with their owners
  • follow up in the event that people or animals are exposed to infected animals
  • manage the costs of sheltering animals
  • provide education, outreach and compliance measures
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Notice of Collection
Personal information in this form is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001 and will be used for the purpose of collecting feedback and sharing perspectives from citizens and stakeholders so the City can better plan for the future of off-leash dog areas for all residents of Vaughan. Questions about this collection can be directed to Michael Habib, Interim Manager, Parks and Open Space Planning, Parks Planning department, at 905-303-2069, ext. 8092 or