An individual who has demonstrated significant leadership within the industry and is an acknowledged trend-setter, role model, and positive contributor to its efficacy and image. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Develops/drives industry trends (e.g. business process innovations, technical products/services that become widely used in the marketplace, etc.)

    • Recognized as a respected and valued payments professional by industry constituents and external entities; garners respect for the industry with and from external stakeholders

    • Contributes positively to the overall perception of the industry, as evidenced by their personal attributes of integrity, high ethical standards, professionalism, etc.

  • Actively and demonstratively contributes to the collective success of the payments industry

* 1. Please submit the name of the individual that you believe should be recognized as the ETA Distinguished Payments Professional:

* 2. Please submit a paragraph stating why you think this individual deserves to be recognized(please provide as much detail as possible):

* 3. What industry trends did this individual play a significant role in developing or taking to market with wide acceptance?

* 4. Please tell about any other industry awards or recognition earned by this individual. Are there boards, committees, councils or leadership positions in which this individual participates that demonstrate the respect of colleagues within and outside of the payments industry? If, so please list.

* 5. How does this person exemplify professional integrity, high ethical standards, and professionalism?

* 6. If possible, please include a short professional bio for this individual (you can also email this to with the subject: Distinguished Payments Professional Bio:

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