There will be over a thousand sessions at the conference, and we want to make sure that each of them has at least one discussant.  At the bottom of the form we have a list of Professional Development Roundtables that need an additional panelist. 

Feel free to volunteer for up to two sessions in each group, however we will place each person on just one session. If you are really willing to serve on two, you can add that in the final question. Serving as a discussant or on one of the professional development roundtables does not count against the limit of being on the program twice. 

The full program will be available on-line in January.  There are also If you have questions, please contact us at 


* Highest degree completed and year earned. (e.g. PhD 2003 or MA 2014).

* We have a few JUNIOR SCHOLAR SYMPOSIUM that need a discussant.  Faculty discussants are expected to provide detailed feedback on the papers as well as the overall research agenda. Please volunteer for no more than TWO sessions.

* We have a few PANELS  that need a discussant. Please volunteer for no more than TWO panels.

* We have a few PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ROUNDTABLES  that need an additional panelist. We record all sessions, so only volunteer if you are willing to be recorded for later use.  Please volunteer for no more than TWO sessions.

* Briefly describe your expertise on the topic(s). 

* Are you willing to serve on more than one session? The default is to place a person on just one session.  Thanks for volunteering!