This survey offers individuals, organisations and stakeholder groups the opportunity to provide their views on the proposed Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the Digital European Sky.

You are invited to answer a set of questions covering several topics:

Part 1 requests information about you, the organisation you may represent and, or the stakeholder category you may represent. This section also seeks information on the interest and role you may have in aviation, and in particular relating to past, present and/or future European research and innovation programmes on ATM modernisation.

Part 2 allows you to express views on aviation in Europe, and its future.  

Part 3 allows you to give your opinion on, and suggestions for, each chapter of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. This will help us validate and enrich the content of the document.

Part 4 allows you to express your support for the SRIA by indicating whether you agree to have your organisation listed as reviewer and/or whether you would like your organisation’s logo to appear on the document.

Please note that you can complete the survey at a later stage should you run out of time. Simply close the survey and when you open it again you will be redirected to where you left it. This function is possible only if you use the same device and IP address, without deleting any cache.

If you need a hard copy of the survey to prepare your responses, you can download it here.

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1. Your responses to the survey will be treated in accordance with the privacy statement. Your personal data will never be shown. You can choose whether the name of your organisation will be disclosed within the generic and detailed reports as described in the privacy statement:

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