About the Survey

We are pleased to launch our first-ever benchmarking survey of the in-house digital marketing community. For ten years we have surveyed the in-house creative community (available at creativeindustryreport.com) and have decided to bring that same rigor of operational benchmarking to the digital marketing community.

Results of our survey will provide valuable insight and direction to in-house digital marketing leaders.

To minimize multiple responses from the same organization, we ask that the senior-most digital marketing leader complete the survey. If you are taking the survey for your organization, please inform your colleagues that you will be responding to the survey on your organization’s behalf.

The survey was designed to take less than 15 minutes. If you’re interrupted, you can stop and pick right up again later—your answers will be saved. Just be sure to use the same computer when you continue your response. 

Your corporate email address, company name and department are requested at the conclusion the survey so that we can provide you the results. Your participation in the survey will remain anonymous. Survey responses will be reported in aggregate and not correlated with your company name.

Thank you in advance for your participation in our inaugural In-House Digital Marketing Operations Benchmarking Survey!
5% of survey complete.