Dhelkaya Health is your local health service. It was created in 2021 through the integration of Castlemaine Health, Maldon Hospital and CHIRP Community Health.
Our staff at Dhelkaya Health have worked together to draft a new strategic plan. The plan will guide health and wellbeing services for those living in and around the Mount Alexander Shire for the next three years.
We want you - our clients, patients, residents and our community - to let us know what you think about the draft plan. Why? Because we want to deliver what’s most important for you, your family and community, so we need you to tell us what that is.

Please read through the sections below to answer the questions.

Question Title

* 1. Purpose (describes our purpose)

“Dhelkaya for healthier lives”

Question 1: Does this describe why you think we exist?

Question Title

* 2. Profile (describes what our community wants)

A trusted health partner which offers:
·      honest and transparent communication
·      modern capabilities & facilities
·      safe care
·      choice & flexibility
·      high trust, high communication
·      clarity of localised service offerings
·      excellent experience of care
·      varied and diverse needs met.

Question 2: Does this list capture what you want your local health service to deliver?

Question Title

* 3. Role (describes what we do)

Personalised care for our community

Question 3: Is this a good summary of what you think your local health service’s role should be? 

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* 4. Promise (describes what clients, patients and residents can expect when they use our services)

·      Accessible and local “We’re near when you need us”
·      Person-driven, inclusive “You lead your care journey”
·      Safe, high quality, contemporary care “The best care possible”
·      Relational, connected, engaged “We relate to you"
·      Shared future, equity, “We’re here for everybody"

Question 4: Does this sound like the type of relationship you would like to have with your local health service?

Question Title

* 5. Values & Principles (describes the beliefs, behaviours and approach to healthcare by our staff)

·      Proactive engagement and curiosity
·      Compassion and empathy
·      Inclusive, accepting and welcoming

We believe the best healthcare:
·      focuses always on the patient
·      treats every person as an individual
·      brings services to people wherever they are
·      changes models of care as needed

Question 5: Imagine these values and principles, and approach, describe the qualities of a person caring for you. Is there anything missing?

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* 6. Priorities (describes where we should focus our efforts)

1. “One community” = A trusted partner:
·         Earning our community’s trust
·         Welcoming and ‘homelike’ service environments
·         Prevention innovation that build protective factors / reduce acuity
·         Actively fundraising to fund work the community values
·         Make services relevant to diverse groups and communities 

 2. “One future” = Excellence in service delivery:
·         Improve and embed specialist services: maternity, sessional care / short-stay, oncology, mental health, housing, NDIS, alcohol & other drugs counselling
·         Masterplan for new hospital + wellbeing hub + commitment from government
·         Uplift aged care services & infrastructure
·         Expand community-based care offering
·         Partnerships within health sector, education, with Bendigo Health, Mount Alexander Shire and local agencies 
·         Assist health service navigation to provide access and continuity across multiple service types

3. “One Dhelkaya” = A regenerative organisation:
·         A fully integrated, multi-campus organisation
·         Innovative process and technology for efficiency and care closer to home
·         Funding agility to ensure financial viability
·         Workforce embodying our values and culture and we’re an employer of choice with a flexible workforce  
·         Efficient pathways for our clients and patients, and best practice care
·         Environmental sustainability

Question 6: Are these the areas where you think we should be focusing our effort in the short and long term?

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* 7. Question 7: What’s the number one priority you want to see Dhelkaya Health achieve in the next 1-3 years?

Question Title

* 8. Question 8: Please check the box that best describes you: