Community Survey

The Leelanau Township Community Foundation (LTCF) has launched the second phase of “Designing and Achieving Our Potential” – a community participatory planning process that will identify specific goals and action steps for improving the well-being and quality of life for residents of the Village of Northport and Leelanau Township. The community survey follows a community input meeting held on October 4, 2017. The focus areas identified at that meeting are presented in the survey to gather input from a larger segment of the population. As people in the community your participation is needed and we hope that you will take 10 minutes to complete the survey. The information obtained will be compiled in the final report and your responses will be confidential.  This is your opportunity to have your voice heard and help us steer a positive path forward. As a thank you we are offering a chance to win a $100 gift certificate. If you would like to enter the raffle, a link to a second survey will be provided for you to enter your contact information. Thank you for your help!

1. Which of the following applies to your affiliation with the Village of Northport, Omena and Leelanau Township?

  Village of Northport Omena Leelanau Township
Former Resident
Frequent Visitor

2. Do you own your home or do your rent? 

3. Do you live in the area for part of the year or full-time?

4. As a community member, how important are these priorities to you when thinking about the future of your community?

  Very Important Important Moderately Important Slightly Important Not Important
Strengthening Northport Public Schools
Economic Development-Building a year-round community
Zoning Reform and Enforcement
Support for the Arts Community
Development of Moderate-Priced Housing
Increased Tourism
Improved Governmental Collaboration and Services
Protecting the Environment

5. If you were to recommend three areas for the collaborative to focus their resources, what would they be?

  First priority Second priority Third priority
Development of Moderate-Priced Housing
Support for the Arts Community
Increased Tourism
Strengthening Northport Public Schools
Protecting the Environment
Economic Development to maintain a vibrant downtown and year-round community
Zoning Reform and Enforcement
Improved Governmental Collaboration and Services

6. The following economic development strategies might create jobs and attract new residents to the area. Please select those you would support, if any, and add your ideas in the "other" box if you wish.

7. Please check all of the following statements that apply to you:

8. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate Northport Public Schools, with 1 star being very poor, 2 stars below average, 3 stars average, 4 start above average and 5 stars excellent?

9. Which of following action items should Northport Public Schools consider in the next few years, if any? Please add your recommendations in the "other" box if you wish.

10. What is your opinion about the number of tourists in the region during each season?

  Summer Fall Winter Spring
More than I would like
About right
Less than I would like

11. If an emphasis were placed on tourism, which of the following do you believe should be the highest priority action items? (choose as many that apply and add your suggestion in the "other" box if you wish)

12. There are many actions that might ensure Leelanau Township's coastline, land, water and skies are protected for future generations. Please rank these in order of importance to you personally.

  Very Important Important Moderately Important Slightly Important Not Important
Educate the public on water quality, and the impact of fertilizer and stormwater runoff 
Support mandatory septic testing at point of sale
Promote alternative and clean energy, including zoning that allows construction of solar panels
Support dark sky ordinance that requires dark sky lighting on signs, street lights etc.
Ensure public access to land and water is protected
Support public education on environmental issues of concern

13. How much can  people like you affect what the local government does? 

  A great deal A lot A moderate amount A little Not at all
Village of Northport 
Leelanau Township

14. Would you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  Agree Disagree No Opinion
The Village of Northport and Leelanau Township Governments should consolidate
The Village of Northport and Leelanau Township ought to collaborate  on planning and zoning issues
The Village of Northport and Leelanau Township ought to share a government office
Expansion of the Leelanau Township Library is needed in the next few years
The lot size requirements in Leelanau Township ought to be decreased to allow for higher density housing construction
More needs to be done to address an age-friendly community, including walkable streets and sidewalks, access to buildings for seniors and people with disabilities
Historical signage ought to placed throughout the community
A portion of the sewer system rate ought to be paid by all residents of the township, regardless of whether they are serviced by the sewer system

15. Is your home serviced by the sewer system?

16. What is your gender?

17. What is your age?

18. Which race/ethnicity best describes you? (Please choose only one.)

19. Would you like to enter the raffle for a chance to win a $100 gift card?