Thanks for your interest in playing the new Saturday Open Mic night at The Depot in Sisters ("Saturday Night Mic!) I'm Scott Crabtree, Sisters resident, musician, and music lover, hosting this event.

This instance of this sign-up form is for the 2nd Saturday in April, the 13th, 7:30-9:30 PM.

This differs from some other open mic nights in these ways:

* There's a mic (not every open mic has a mic! We'll have one. We'll be using a small PA with 2 mic or line inputs, you can plug your guitar in here, or into my Vox amp I'll have there, too.)
* An electric bass is OK if needed, but otherwise, we're trying to keep this a more acoustic, lower-volume event.
* The main indoor downstairs space we will be in will be small; drum sets won't work (a cajon might), and groups of more than 3 musicians likely won't work
* We're focused on a "Saturday night atmosphere" and music at this open mic. Please let us know if you want to do something besides music and we'll see if it might work. We'll do our best to be flexible while trying to ensure the best experience for all involved.
* Assume you'll get up to 5 minutes, including any talking/tuning/setup/pack up time. If we can provide more time for people we will, but the number of musicians signing up has been great so far, so it's unlikely.
* While we might accept last-minute in-person sign-ups if time is available, time will be given to those who sign up in advance first. At our first open mic, the time filled 100% with advance sign-ups.
* Other FAQ answered below toward the end of the survey
Any other questions or input for me? Feel free to email me using

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* 1. What is your name?

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* 4. If you will be playing something besides a guitar, please let us know what you're planning on:

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* 5. If you will be performing with 1-2 other people, please let us know their instruments here: 

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* 6. If you got to choose, would you prefer to play early, middle, or end of the evening? (No guarantees, and of course we encourage performers to stick around and support other performers, but we'll see if we can accommodate your preference.)


Q: Can my friend or I walk in and sign up on the day?
A: Only if spots are available. For our first open mic, we're filling up 100% with advance sign-ups. 

Q: What if I sign up but then weather or illness means I can't make it? 
A: Just let me know ASAP. I'll be emailing all performers at least a week before the event with my contact info and more details. Of course, please do not spread germs or viruses of any kind! Stay home if you are sick!

Q: Will there be a music stand? 
A: Yes

Q: Will there be a guitar-friendly stool I can use?
A: Yes, one, without arms

Q: Can I bring my own mic? (I don't want to get germs!)
A: Yes

Q: Will you have a house acoustic guitar I can use?
A: Sure, you can use my Martin 000C-16RGTE Aura, as long as you agree that if any significant damage happens to it while you're using it, you're responsible for fixing the guitar. (It's pretty scratched up already. As long as you don't go Pete Townsend on it, we should be fine!)

Q: Can I bring my amp, loop pedal, or other equipment? 
A: Yes, but it's preferred that you use my amp and PA and don't bring other equipment unless it's small and very quick to set up. For everyone's sake, we want quick changeovers from one performer to the next. Your 5 (or 10, when possible) minutes include you getting set up, talking, etc. We want you to be tuned and ready to quickly walk up, plug in, and play. 

Q: OK, which amp & PA do you have?
Amp is a Vox AC15C1.
Small PA is a Bose S1 Pro Multi-position 
Please keep in mind the ground floor indoor space at Sisters Depot is pretty small, and we want a volume people can talk over. The acoustic volume of guitars and voices may be roughly as loud as any amplified sounds. 

Q: Where can I stash my stuff when I'm not performing?
A: Sisters Depot has a somewhat warm outdoor patio which will be a good spot for your guitar or whatever. Of course, you could put stuff in your vehicle as well, as long as you're ready to go quickly when your time comes. 

Q: Will I know when I'm playing ahead of time?
A: I'll do my best to give you general guidance beforehand. During the evening, I'll be regularly announcing who's up, who's on deck, and who's "in the hole" (performing after 2 people play) so you can be tuned and ready.

Q: Is it OK to just show up for my performance and not stay to listen to others?
A: Usually not. Open mics need listeners, not just performers. I'm not saying everyone needs to stay for every minute of the whole event, but that would be ideal. Those who are there for very little besides their performance will be frowned upon and possibly not get slots next time.

We hope you understand all of this. We'll do our best to be flexible if needed, and questions and comments are always welcome. You can email me, Scott Crabtree, the host, using Thanks for reading!

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* 7. Anything else you want to ask or tell us?