In this survey you will be able to give valuable feedback and data about Demo 2.0 that will help Pokémon Sage to continue to be developed.

Many of the questions in this survey are easiest to answer as you play. It is recommended you keep this survey open the whole time while you play and go back to it often. You can also take notes as you go and fill out the survey at the end.  If you have already played Demo 2.0 you will have to rely on your memory for some portions of this survey. Leaving a blank question is perfectly okay as well.

Feel free to peruse the wiki or revisit areas in the game if you need a little help remembering details.

Taking this survey is not timed. It will not time out. You can even close it and come back to it later and edit it, but after you submit it it is final. You can also retake this survey if you feel like playing the demo multiple times. Remember, there is replay value here and all feedback is good feedback.

If you have technical bugs or glitches please report them in the Bugs and Glitches Survey that you can take here.

Simply picking answers is helpful, it is even more helpful if you comment in the comment field as well. Don't be scared of making it long, the more detail the better. We are also VERY open to you taking screenshots, drawing diagrams, recording gifs, recording short videos or even recording entire LPs. These help us both understand the feedback you can give. We recommend OBS to record video gameplay, gifcam or ScreenToGif to record gif gameplay, Lightshot or stock programs like Snipping Tool (Windows) to record and annotate screenshots, and programs like Paint to make diagrams. If you have a link to a video or picture that is relevant to a question then please link it in the comment box of that question along with your comments.

Question Title

* 1. I have read the above introduction and know how I can take this survey.