This is where you report any bugs or glitches that you find in Demo 2.0. For other kinds of feedback you can take the Demo Feedback Survey 2.0 here.

This survey will allow you to report as many bugs as you can find. Once you have already submitted a response, if you have more than one bug to report, you can take the survey again as many times as you need to report them all. 

Please be comprehensive in your reporting. The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to track down the source of the bug and fix it. Additionally, if the bug has a visible component to it, you can record a screenshot or video. We recommend OBS to record video gameplay, gifcam or ScreenToGif to record gif gameplay, and Lightshot or stock programs like Snipping Tool (Windows) to record and annotate screenshots. If you have a link to a video or picture that is relevant to a question then please link it in the comment box of that question along with your comments.

Question Title

* 1. What version of Demo 2.0 did you play?
Version numbers are accessible on the demo page next to the download link. If you are playing a later version than 2.0 (the first iteration) then please look at the "Known Issues" on the Demo page to see if your issues have already been addressed.