The National Dementia Office (NDO) is collecting information on innovative and/or good practice dementia initiatives (referred to below as programmes) in collaboration with the Centre for Economic Social Research Dementia (CESRD) in NUI Galway. 
Our aim is to share the many innovations and good practices in dementia with a wider audience so that services can learn and continue to improve. 
Submitted information that meets the criteria will be detailed on This web resource is a platform for information sharing and will enable contact between those running programme(s) and those interested in learning more.
Criteria for inclusion
Those programme(s) which will be included on the Understand together website must be dementia-specific and can include: 
1) awareness raising 
2) psychosocial interventions
3) social support
4) supporting diagnosis
5) education and training 
6) practice development
7) quality improvement (including dementia audit tools)
8) service development and/or
9) testing concept
 private companies with commercial interest are excluded. 

Dementia programmes which can be included on the on-line resource can be aimed at/include people with dementia, staff members, families, organisation, volunteers and/or the general public. Programmes must be currently operating.
All queries can be directed to or alternatively call 0579318451.
NB: Please complete one survey per programme/initiative. If you want to complete another survey for a separate programme please contact the above email address.