Today you will be taking the 2018 Dane County Youth Assessment. This is your chance to tell decision-makers about what you do, how you spend your time and how you feel about a variety of issues impacting your life. The information gathered from 20,000 students who take the survey helps schools and organizations make decisions about youth programs and resources.


The survey asks about your life experiences related to your health, mental health, family, friends, school and community. Some of the questions are of a personal nature because teens face hard issues today and we need to ask these questions to really understand how to help. This survey is completely private and anonymous! No one can connect your answers to you or to this computer.

There are no right or wrong answers. You do not have to answer any questions on the survey that you do not feel comfortable answering. For the questions you do answer, we ask that you respond thoughtfully and honestly so we can make good decisions about health, mental health, community and school resources.

Thank you for helping!


1) Please read each question carefully.
2) Click on the answer you want to choose or on the Circle or Square in front of the answer.
3) For one question you will need your home zip code. Local zip code(s) are posted in the front of the room.

4) Raise your hand if you do not understand a question or if you need other help.
5) When you are finished, be sure to click “Done” so your answers are submitted.
6) Remember, no one can see your answers and you can skip any questions you choose.

Some of the questions on the survey can make people feel uncomfortable. If you feel like this, it may be helpful for you to talk with your parent, the school counselor or some other trusted adult after you finish the survey. To make sure you know where to get help, everyone will:.

1) Have the opportunity to privately request a counseling session at the end of the survey via an on-line request form. If you do not want an appointment, just say no.

2) Be given a list of phone numbers and web addresses with places to call for support.

THANK YOU and let’s get started.