The Metro Council is working with communities to develop a package of investments that could make it safer, easier and more affordable to get around greater Portland. The package of investments is expected to be finalized over the next couple of months. The Metro Council will then consider referring it to voters on the November 2020 ballot.

Decisions about these investments will be guided by goals to improve safety, address climate change, reduce traffic and prioritize benefits for those who need them most. These decisions will also be guided by input from people like you - people who move around the region every day in cars, on buses and the MAX, on walking and bike routes, navigating busy intersections and rush hour traffic.

The money from this funding measure could be spent in multiple ways.
  • A lot of it could go to investments along the entire length of major travel corridors to make it safer and easier to move throughout greater Portland.
  • Some money could go to additional program investments that address key local concerns, helping to ensure that everyone shares in the benefits of this measure across the region.
It’s these programs we’re asking you to weigh in on today. The survey should take 10-15 minutes. Your input will help inform the Metro Council’s decision about these investments. We know your time is valuable. Thank you for your help shaping the future of greater Portland.