Saturday. June 17th & Sunday, June 18th
Please rate today's presentations.

* 1. How would you rate each Workshop you attended?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Did Not Attend
Environmental Assessment at Retail
Effective Communication Skills
FoodSHIELD: Document Control Working Session

* 2. How would you rate each Committee Meeting you attended?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Did Not Attend
Food Committee (6/17/17)
Retail Food Committee (06/17/2016)
Endowment Foundation (06/18/2016)
Food Protection & Defense Committee (6/18/17)
Industry Associate Membership Committee (06/18/2016)
Administrative Committee (06/18/2016)
Foodborne Outbreak & Emergency Response Committee (06/18/2016)
Drugs, Devices & Cosmetics Committee (06/18/2016)
Professional Development Committee (06/18/2016)
Laboratory, Science and Technology Committee Meeting (06/18/2016)
 FoodSHIELD: Resource Libraries & More (06/18/2016)
 Tattoo Demonstration – Presented by the Body Art Sub-Committee (06/18/2016)
Seafood Committee (6/18/17)
Laws & Regulations Committee (6/18/17)
Alumni Committee (6/18/17)
Body Art Sub-Committee (6/18/17)
International & Government Relations Committee (6/18/17)

* 3. What presentations were the most valuable?

* 4. What presentations were the least valuable?

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this evaluation. Your feedback will be very helpful in planning future conferences!
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