Scenario Feedback Survey

The survey references information shared during the May 13 community engagement session.  If you would like to refer to those materials as you complete the survey, you may find them here: Future of Lincoln Heights Materials

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* 1. In which high school attendance area do you live?

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* 2. Please indicate the appeal of scenario 1.  
Lincoln Heights is a full magnet program offering Montessori education to students in grades PreK – 6

Students apply to attend the school via the annual school choice lottery

Seats are allocated in the lottery based on several priorities including proximity, SES, and transportation zone

Younger siblings are guaranteed a seat when their older siblings are enrolled in the school

Continuation is guaranteed to J.T. Williams Secondary Montessori, serving students in grades 7 – 12

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* 3. Please indicate the appeal of scenario 2 - Magnet with Home School Area

Lincoln Heights is a partial magnet with a schoolwide theme

A home school attendance area will be drawn around the school and students residing in that area will be assigned to Lincoln Heights as their home school

Remaining seats in the school will be filled via the school choice lottery with the same guarantees and priorities as with a full magnet with the exception of the proximity priority

Continuation for home school students is to Ranson IB Middle School and West Charlotte HS, which also has an IB program

Several potential options for the magnet theme
•Montessori – typically serves PreK-6 whereas most elementary home schools serve K-5; some challenges with late entry
•STEM – would need to differentiate from Bruns, which is a STEM school with an environmental science focus
•IB – consistent with continuation to Ranson and West Charlotte for home school students; the violet zone has two other elementary IB programs, Blythe and Statesville Road

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* 4. Please indicate the appeal of scenario 3 - home school choice.  

Combine the attendance areas for Bruns, University Park and Lincoln Heights

Bruns and University Park retain their magnet themes; a magnet program is also established at Lincoln Heights

Students residing within the combined attendance area select which of the three schools they would like to attend as their home school

Remaining seats are filled via the school choice lottery

Students in the attendance area may choose to participate in the school choice lottery for magnet programs

Home school students continue to Ranson Middle School and West Charlotte High School

Magnet school students continue to the theme-specific designated middle and high school magnet programs

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* 5. If you answered "appealing with some reservations," please tell us what those reservations are.  Please make sure to indicate the scenario to which you are referring.

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* 6. In scenarios 2 and 3, a magnet theme must be identified for Lincoln Heights.  Please rank your preference among the themes listed below. 

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* 7. Please rank the three scenarios with 1 indicating the scenario you prefer the most. 

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