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* This short, confidential survey is designed to better understand how an adult child’s estrangement can affect the family. Your answers are important and may provide insight that can help families manage the possible effects an adult child’s estrangement has on the family. Your answers are not connected to any ISP or other address, so unless you choose to provide contact information in reply to the last (optional) question, there is no way to identify you. If you choose to include your contact information, your individual identifying information will be kept confidential.

Data and information will be combined and categorized for analysis. As noted, the last survey question, about future contact, is optional. Several questions provide a box for you to expand upon your answers. Please feel free to elaborate. Your thoughts will be helpful to understand how an adult child’s estrangement may affect the family as a whole.

I am 18 years of age or older.  I agree and understand.