1. About This Survey

Welcome to the first employment survey for 2022

The opening of the survey for contributions has been delayed from earlier in April due to the Easter and ANZAC Day holidays throughout Australia.

Geoscientist unemployment in Australia increased during the final quarter of 2021, from a historic low of 1.8% for the September quarter, to 6.3% at year's end.  Underemployment amongst self-employed geoscientists, however, continued to fall from 6.0% to 3.5% for the same period.  

The increase in the unemployment rate appears inconsistent with anecdotal impressions of buoyant conditions in exploration and mining across most commodities.

The first quarter of each year has historically been a survey in which both unemployment and underemployment have increased due to the impacts of a seasonal slowdown in exploration activity during the January holiday period and land access problems created by the northern Australian wet season.

The December 2021 survey was the first to collect remuneration data.  Analysis of these results is being completed and results will be announced soon.  Watch AIG News and the Institute website for details.  We will be asking these questions and presenting results annually.

The survey does not collect any personally identifiable information and only takes about two minutes to complete.  Please take time to complete the survey and encourage colleagues and friends to also contribute.  You do not need to be an AIG member to contribute, just a geoscientist working or seeking work in Australia.

The survey will be open for contributions until Sunday, 22 May. Please contribute today - every response makes a difference.