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Welcome to the Restricted Titles and Dual Registration Self-Assessment

A restricted title is a professional designation authorized and protected by law which, when related to health care, may only be issued by a regulatory body. Professional titles are recognized by both patients and the general public as they indicate competence and fitness to practice and highlight an individual’s registration with a profession.

There is risk to patients and the general public when unqualified individuals hold themselves out as registered professionals or when registered professionals use restricted titles inappropriately. As a health regulatory body, the College of Naturopaths of Ontario has a duty to ensure protection for patients and the public. Tackling the misuse of restricted titles is a crucial part of this and the College takes strong action to protect the use of professional titles where misuse of titles has been identified.

The Naturopathy Act, 2007 (Act) restricts the use of professional titles and representation of qualifications in naturopathy. The Act states that “No person other than a member shall use the title “naturopath”, a variation or abbreviation or an equivalent in another language”.

The Act also states that “No person other than a member shall hold himself or herself out as a person who is qualified to practise in Ontario as a naturopath or in a specialty of naturopathy”.

These provisions mean that only those who hold a certificate of registration issued by the College are permitted to use the restricted titles Naturopath or Naturopathic Doctor in English or Naturopathe or Docteur(e) en naturopathie in French or use the abbreviation ‘ND’ in English or ‘DN’ in French.

NDs may also possess dual registration i.e. be registered with another health professions regulator while registered with CONO. In such instances, the main issue then becomes more about when NDs stop providing treatment as NDs and when they start providing treatment under the other profession. When providing services as dual registrants, Registrants must ensure that they clearly distinguish naturopathic treatment and services from other treatments or services.

Registrants must also be aware of when and how to use the appropriate restricted titles, especially in conjunction with other educational credentials or restricted titles in instances of dual registration.

This Self-Assessment tool has been developed to help Registrants understand their professional and legal obligations with regards to dual registration and the usage of restricted titles and should be read in conjunction with the resources listed below.

Read our resources:
All resources are published on the College of Naturopaths of Ontario’s website. These resources have been developed to help naturopaths to become aware of what their legal obligations and to keep them abreast with the regulations and Standards on dual registration and restricted titles.

They include:
Remember, it is the patient’s perception as a recipient of treatment or care that is of critical importance. Therefore, Registrants must always ensure proper use of restricted or dual titles, so patients are aware of what capacity a Registrant is acting in when advertising or providing a service.
Are you abreast with the regulation concerning restricted titles and dual registration?
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