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The Durham Transit Plan will identify which bus and rail projects are funded from the transit sales tax over the next 20 years. The transit plan will provide over $1 billion local dollars to spend on transit improvements in Durham over the next 20 years. About half of that funding will be used to continue operating bus service and making improvements that were part of the previous transit plan. We need your help to decide how to spend the remaining $500 million.

With your input, elected and local government officials will make choices about how to best spend that money. There are three options that address concerns about traveling around Durham. During the first phase of outreach in fall 2020, here are the top concerns we heard:
  • Spend more on GoDurham and GoTriangle ACCESS, a service that offers rides to eligible residents who are not able to ride the bus or live in rural areas of Durham County.
  • Offer a passenger rail service between Durham, Research Triangle Park (RTP), Cary, and Raleigh.
  • Construct sidewalks and crosswalks near bus stops to improve bus rider safety and so strollers and wheelchairs have better access.
  • Provide more comfortable bus stops.
  • Create more crosstown bus routes that run across Durham without going downtown first.
  • Provide bus service later at night.
The full public outreach summary can be found on the Community Input Process page on the Engage Durham website.

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