Thank you for participating in the Youth Emergency Services 2016 Strategic Planning Survey.

* 1. Please check one:

* 2. Name two changes that have occurred this year at the Y.E.S. House that you are especially pleased about.

* 3. In your opinion, what services or in what aspect, does the Y.E.S. House meet or exceed expectations in service delivery or helping clients?

* 4. What does the Y.E.S. House need to improve?

* 5. What services could the Y.E.S. House add to better meet the needs of youth and families?

* 6. Do you feel the YES House does a good job of treating everyone with dignity and respect? (Please provide examples)

* 7. Is there a service provided now at the Y.E.S. House that is no longer needed?

* 8. What are the Y.E.S. House’s strengths that we have not tapped into?

* 9. What are the Y.E.S. House’s future opportunities?

* 10. What does the Y.E.S. House need to do to better serve the clients with different backgrounds that have moved to Wyoming from other locations?

* 11. What could the Y.E.S. House do to improve relationships with the community and other agencies?

* 12. What changes are occurring today with the federal, state and local government and certifying agencies that could have an effect on the Y.E.S. House?

* 13. What financial opportunities or challenges are happening that the YES House needs to be aware of?

* 14. What overall experience have you had with the YES House and how would you rate your experience? Please select your answer and explain.

* 15. Additional Comments?

Thank you for your time and the feedback on how we can better empower youth and families for success.