Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is creating an alumni network that will allow us to remain connected with former clients, families, caregivers of Holland Bloorview around shared interests and to infuse their experience and knowledge into our care and services. Alumni members can include any former clients, family members or caregivers who no longer receive services at Holland Bloorview.

Purpose of survey: This survey has been designed to collect information from current and former clients, families and caregivers and employees of Holland Bloorview. The responses you provide will help shape the type of programs, interest areas, participation and benefits offered by an alumni network.

We respect your time so have designed this survey to take less than 5 minutes. All responses will remain confidential and anonymous.

* 1. Please select which group(s) you identify with:

* 2. To understand where alumni, clients, families and staff live across Ontario, please provide the first 3 digits of your postal code:

* 3. Please rate whether you think that the following topics would be of interest to alumni from very interesting to not at all interesting:

  Extremely interested Very interested Moderately interested Slightly interested Not at all interested
Alumni Leadership Program: Develop an alumni leader program where we would provide training and opportunities for individuals to take on roles as partners, advisors, reviewers and would be similar to the Family Leadership Program which is a community of 130+ volunteer family members who partner with hospital staff to design and provide feedback on programs, services and events
Alumni Mentorship program: Develop mentorship roles which would provide one to one or group support for current Holland Bloorview families and clients
Alumni Advocate: Participate in community outreach and events to support advocacy for children, youth and adults living with disability, anti-stigma campaigns and other public advocacy campaigns.
Attend Social/Networking Event: participate in online and in person events to promote communication building and social connections with Holland Bloorview and the community
Health and Wellness Education: Access online and in person education programs related to health and wellness
Career and Personal Development Education: Access online and in person career and personal development programs
Interest Groups: Attend special interest groups such as recreation, hobbies, sports, etc.
Incentives: Access to a specialized benefits and incentive program such as reduction on memberships costs, reduced rates for activities
Fundraising: Participation in fundraising for specialized programs, research and events for  Holland Bloorview clients, families and staff

* 4. Do you agree with the proposed membership: "In an effort to be inclusive for all clients and families of Holland Bloorview, once a client is over the age of 18, we would like to automatically include that client and their family in the Alumni Network”.  Alumni and families can withdraw from the network at any time.

* 5. What is the most important benefit of alumni network for former clients and families of Holland Bloorview?

* 6. What is the most important benefit of an alumni network for current clients and families and the Holland Bloorview organization

* 7. Any other comments you wish to share:

Thank you so much for completing the survey!   We would love to have you join our team in building an Alumni Network for the clients and families of Holland Bloorview. If you’re interested, please contact Aman Sium (asium@hollandbloorview.ca) Director of Client and Family Integrated Care at Holland Bloorview. This work is part of our 2017-2022 No Boundaries Strategic Plan we encourage to learn more about our exciting plan here.