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Developer Relations, or DevRel, is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of functions, including developer marketing, developer experience (DX), developer education, product, engineering, sales, customer success, and community. It’s performed by companies and organizations of all sizes that offer a developer tool and are vested in that tool's adoption by developers.

DevRel also assumes a wide variety of job titles and activities, which may or may not have ‘DevRel’ explicitly in the title, but include developer marketing, social media, event production, content creation, content production, technical writing, DevRel engineering, sales engineer, DX engineer, advocate, technical support, evangelist, community manager, product management, product marketing, DevOps engineer, and CEO. The list of job titles from last year’s survey is here.

TL;DR All are welcome and encouraged to complete the survey if you have worked in DevRel or performed any developer relations function within the last 12 months.

This survey is anonymous. No personally identifiable information is collected. Only aggregated data will be analyzed.

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You can find previous survey outcomes and insights in our State of Developer Relations reports.

The survey closes on July 22, 2024, at Noon, Pacific Time.
Results Sept 10, 2024.

This is a comprehensive survey, so be prepared with information on your salary, budgets, and your DevRel functions.

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