Provider survey

* 1. Are you a provider of services to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) older people?

* 2. Which category of service do you provide?

* 3. In your experience, how are older people from CALD backgrounds receiving information on aged care services and supports?

* 4. What are the best ways to deliver information to CALD older people and their representatives about aged care?

* 5. When should we start talking about aged care?

* 6. What would be the best ways of including CALD older people in the planning and implementing of the aged care system?

* 7. How could language barriers and lack of system knowledge be managed?

* 8. How can we ensure that carers and representatives of CALD older people are listened to and acknowledged?

* 9. How do we ensure that the feedback from older people on provision of services is obtained?

* 10. How can we ensure quality care and support is given to CALD aged care consumers?

* 11. How can we better serve CALD older people who need to access emergency aged care or healthcare?

* 12. What are the barriers to inclusive aged care service provision?

* 13. How can the aged care system be more proactive and flexible?

* 14. How can we cater to the needs of CALD groups?

* 15. Many older people require one-off services, e.g. lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, transport to medical appointments etc. How can the system address these needs without complex and time consuming assessment processes?

* 16. How do we capture the needs of the new and emerging older CALD groups?

* 17. How can we ensure that aged care services are respectful and inclusive?

* 18. How can we ensure that our diverse workforce can best attend to the needs of our CALD residents and consumers if they are not from the same cultural background, and/or not familiar with other cultures?

* 19. How can we ensure that aged care is accessed by the most vulnerable in our society?

* 20. What needs to be done for them to have equal access to services as other groups?

* 21. Who should be accountable for the delivery of the Framework?

Thank you for participating in the survey!