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Thank you for your interest in the BirdSleuth Garden Grant sponsored by Alaska Fertilizer...get started now!

Please note: we will have the following judging criteria for the awards:
* We like your project and its impacts.
* Your project includes habitat improvements, learning about birds, and/or citizen science.
* The effort takes place at a school or in affiliation with a school in the U.S.
* You've planned it out and it’s really going to happen.
* Your budget is specific and it’s clear that the cost of things/services has been researched.

We will not consider applications from organizations outside the U.S.; nature centers, museums, or other non-profit organization that are not working directly with a school; or homeschool families or groups.

There are a total of three pages to the application. If you do not complete the entire application by October 8 at 11:59pm ET, we will not consider your application. By completing the first page, you provide The Cornell Lab of Ornithology to right to contact you in the future. 

* Contact Information