A Survey for Teachers, Staff, Administrators, Parents/Guardians, and Concerned Citizens

The School System Viability Committee, assembled by the Signal Mountain Town Council to examine the feasibility of forming an independent Signal Mountain School District, is seeking your input about how best to provide optimal quality education for children attending Signal Mountain public schools. The desire to provide improved quality of education is the prime motivation for exploring the feasibility of an independent municipal school district which would be administered by a local, elected board of education and local director of schools.

The committee is interested in hearing from all concerned citizens, especially from the people who know our Signal Mountain schools best: teachers, staff, administrators, parents and guardians. Your thoughts about the current state of our schools, as well as specific suggestions for improvement, are important for us to know. Even the best schools are always exploring ways to improve the quality of education they provide.  We want to know your thoughts about strengthening the quality of education our children receive.  We cannot promise that every suggestion could or would be fulfilled in a new municipal school district, but we do want to give everyone a chance to offer their ideas to elected members of the Town Council before they make a decision.
Please complete the survey before the end of the day on Monday, August 21, 2017.  The survey will close at 11:59 PM on that date.  
We welcome and appreciate your feedback!  

  • PLEASE SHARE WITH US YOUR COMMENTS and/or SUGGESTIONS for improving the quality of education our children receive.

ALL RESPONSES ARE ANONYMOUS.  This assures that every person who completes the survey feels free to offer his/her candid thoughts and suggestions. There is no way for the committee to trace responses back to any individual person.

* 1. Overall quality of education currently provided in Signal Mountain school(s)?

* 2. Current quality of school leadership?

* 3. Current quality of teachers and teaching?

* 4. Current quality of educational supports (such as classroom instructional technology, guidance counselors, classroom aides)?

* 5. Current quality and adequacy of school facilities (such as classrooms, laboratories, meeting spaces)?

* 6. Current quality of the curriculum?

* 7. Current quality of educational enrichment opportunities (such as educational field trips, science clubs, drama club, music, or dance)?

* 8. Current quality of services provided to children who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP), for special education services, gifted programs, special healthcare needs, or other special needs?

* 9. Current policies regarding the school day (including school day start/end times, transportation services)?

* 10. Current quality of communication between administrators, teachers, students and parents/guardians?

* 11. Current quality of cooperation between teachers and parents/guardians?

* 12. THIS ITEM IS FOR SCHOOL PERSONNEL: Quality of professional development currently provided to you?

* 13. Is there anything else you would like to add, or anything we forgot to consider as it relates to improving the quality of education available to our children?
(optional) (up to 20 lines of text)

* 14. Please tell us about yourself. Are you.....(check all that apply)