• There is an AUD 5,500.00 integration fee for all partner applicants.
  • To ensure your request is directed to the right business and data integration team, please ensure you complete all the questions on the application form as fully as possible.
  • Once you have spoken to a member of the business team, MIMS Australia will send you a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) and a partner information pack to help you understand the process for access and evaluation of the data.
  • Please read these documents carefully then sign and return a signed and scanned copy of the NDA marked to the attention of: data.integration@mims.com.au
  • Once the NDA has been returned and the developers fee paid we will send you an e-mail link to access our FTP site. From here you can download the MIMS dataset, data specifications and a guide on how to integrate the data.
  • Permission for use of the data base is granted for 6 months. After this six month period if we have not heard from you, your access will be terminated. If you require access for a longer period, you will need to apply for an extension by contacting your Business Development Manager (BDM).
  • As soon as MIMS sends you access to the data, you will be contacted by the MIMS Data Integration Team. The team will discuss the data base your integration and any issues or concerns you may have. We will stay in touch throughout your development to support you through the process.
  • During your development your BDM will be working with you or your nominated business contact to agree commercials and licensing of the MIMS data. Once the MNDA has been signed by both parties we are happy to discuss the commercials and advise you do this before you start the development. It is your responsibility to ensure you fully understand our fee structure and how it fits into your business model.
  • The provision of MIMS data is contingent on two important steps that must be taken prior to deployment of your final integration of our data base to your end users.
  1. All licensing agreements and commercials between MIMS and your organisation must have been negotiated, agreed to and signed by both parties
  2. The MIMS Data Team must review and approve the integration of the MIMS data within your software. 
  • Once everything has been completed you will be notified that approval to deploy your software with MIMS integrated is granted. 

MIMS Australia
Level 2, 1 Chandos Street
St. Leonards 
NSW 2065
+61 2 9902 7770


1. Company Name

2. ABN

3. Address

4. Postal Address if different from above

5. 'Phone

6. Company website

7. Details of existing products and solutions

8. Business contact

9. Technical/Lead/Developer

10. Is the developer employed with in your organisation

11. If you are using an outside development team, please provide contact details

12. Software Functionality? Please add all that apply

13. Who are your intended user base? Please highlight all relevant options

14. What is your intended platform and development environment?

15. What type of application are you building? Please highlight all relevant options.

16. What is your program language?

17. What is your planned distribution method for MIMS monthly update to end users? Please highlight all relevant options:

18. What is your intended user security for the MIMS monthly updates? Please add all that apply.

19. Briefly describe the purpose of your software and how the MIMS data will be used in the software? Please also state how user (e.g. clinician) will be using the MIMS data in the software.

20. What is the expected start date for integration of MIMS data?

21. What is your expected launch date of your software with MIMS data.

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