Bushfires are having a devastating effect across Australia. Our hearts go out the impacted communities and we express our utmost appreciation to the heroes on-the-ground who are actively supporting those who need the most help. 

The urban development industry has a chance to bring together our generousity, humanity and skill-set to provide assistance in the longer-term bushfire recovery effort. 

What can you contribute? 
• Building and development expertise
• Urban planning and design
• Project management
• Community development
• Environmental management
• Traffic management and planning
• Engineering
• Architecture and design

Register your proposed service contributions with UDIA Victoria – so we can co-ordinate the offers and liaise with local and state governments, to turn these offers into something tangible.

To register the contributions of yourself or your organisation to help communities affected by bushfires in Victoria, please complete the below short form. 

You can also email us directly: bushfirerecovery@udiavic.com.au

Thank you and please spread the word by sharing the link to this registration form.

UDIA Victoria

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