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Is Red 3 Lurking in Your Halloween candy?

Red 3 is a common food dye in candy and other foods - and it’s also a known carcinogen.  Consumer Reports is partnering with other safety and health organizations in calling on the FDA to ban Red 3 in food products - but we need your help! 

There are thousands of products on the market that contain Red 3 - including Halloween candy - and we want to know where this food dye is lurking.  

Are you seeing Red 3 in your kids’ Halloween candy bucket?   If so, what types of candy are you seeing it in?   Here are a few tips for your investigation! 
  • Check all candy wrappers and look for the dye listed as Red 3 in the ingredients list
  • There are other types/numbers of red dye (like the commonly used Red 40) - for this survey we’re only interested in those with Red 3
  • It’s worth checking all candy, even those that don’t look bright red (for instance, candy corn).  You never know where food dyes are hiding!

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* Please list all Halloween candy you found that included Red 3 as an ingredient (use brand names when possible):

Question Title

* Optional: Are you concerned about dyes in food products?  Do you try to limit your (or your family’s) intake of foods that contain dyes?  Tell us about your interest in this project! 

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