Pastor Fish is a fun and whimsical presentation of Gospel songs and stories. Our free app and online resources have an “undersea radio” theme, complete with fun “commercials” and jingles, weather, traffic, educational games, in both English and Spanish (more languages planned). Meet Pastor Fish, Barni Barnacle, Wigbert the Whale and the minnows. Following along with Bible songs and stories, kids internalize positive messages for biblical (and life) literacy.   Brought to you by NHM Ministrants,, thinking generationally to help you share God’s love and care.

* 1. How user-friendly is our Pastor Fish app software's interface?

* 2. How much do kids like the Pastor Fish characters

* 3. How much do kids like the Pastor Fish SONGS

* 4. Overall, how easy are the SONGS for kids to remember and sing?

* 5. How much do kids like the Pastor Fish STORIES

* 6. How much do the Pastor Fish STORIES engage kids?

* 7. Which Pastor Fish GAME did you appreciate most (fun/useful/engaging)?

* 8. Compared to other Children's Bible Songs/Story Collections, is our product quality better, worse, or about the same?

* 9. Would you be open to Pastor Fish being part of a Sunday School experience?

* 10. What would you like added to, or changed, in our Pastor Fish app/offerings?