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The City is updating the Housing Element of the General Plan for the 2021-2029 planning period. The Housing Element sets policies and programs to address Stanton’s housing needs, including the City’s “fair share” of the regional housing needs allocation (or “RHNA”). In step with the Housing Element Update, the City’s Safety Element is being amended to address climate adaptation and to identify any residential developments in hazard areas. If you live or work in Stanton, please complete the following short survey to provide us with your input.

The intent of this survey is to help City staff and our consultant team better understand the characteristics of households in Stanton and to identify the community’s housing needs and priorities, as well as to identify the community’s priorities with regard to resiliency towards impacts related to climate change. This will assist us in drafting goals and policies for the Housing and Safety Element Update that reflect the priorities, concerns, and needs of Stanton’s residents and stakeholders. This is an early step in the process. There will be additional opportunities for the community to comment on the Housing and Safety Element Update, including a virtual community workshop and public review of draft documents. These additional opportunities for participation will address locations proposed for housing development, housing densities, and seek community feedback on the draft goals, policies, and programs that are developed as part of the 2021-2029 Housing Element and the Safety Element.

All survey results are anonymous. Survey limited to one per household.
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