1. The Social-Construct of Race and Ethnicity: Ones Self-Identity After a DNA Test

Welcome to the first study to look at how each of you views their identity after having a DNA test.  We can't do this without you.  The first question is below the disclaimer.  We hope you will read the disclaimer below from the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board and then agree to participate.  Your participation is confidential.  This report is in partnership with Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Thank you for participating.


Western Michigan University
Department of Educational Leadership, Research, and Technology
College of Education
Principal Investigator: Professor Gary Miron
Student Investigator: Kathryn Wilson

We are contacting you about a research study we are conducting titled “The social-construct of race and ethnicity; One’s self-identity after a DNA test.” We are inviting you to participate in the study because you have had a DNA test. By clicking on the BEGIN SURVEY button at the end of this letter you are consenting to participate in the study. This form has been approved for one year by the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (HSIRB). This study is anticipated to be completed by December 1, 2018.

Your input into this survey will help us to gain a better understanding of this topic and guide the researcher to understand any changing views of self-identity after having a DNA test preformed on one’s self-declaration of race and ethnicity. You will be asked to complete an on-line survey and answer approximately 24 questions; majority are multiple choice. An optional question will be asked at the end of the survey for entry into a consent document with information on the verbal questions portion of this survey, should you wish to participate in that interview. The investigator will gain further insight of one’s self-identity after doing a DNA test. Pseudonyms will be assigned to mask individuals names. The interview will take approximately 20 minutes.

There is no cost for participation in this study, and there is no compensation for participation. As with all research there may be unforeseen risks, however these interviews will be confidential. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic on self-identification of race and ethnicity emotions could be heightened by memories and could cause an uncomfortable feeling while answering the questions. If this should occur, it would be recommended that you seek professional counseling at a local counseling center.

You will benefit from this study by sharing your unique experience and adding to the limited research base on our social constructs of race and ethnicity. Gaining the knowledge from those who have taken a DNA test allows us a unique look at how, self-identity may change. Only those over age 18 and who have had a DNA test will be allowed to participate in this study. Your data will be confidential. No one outside of the Investigators will have access to the information collected during this study. Should you like a copy of the finished report you may contact the student investigator for an e-mailed copy. The aggregated information may be published or utilized in educational journals or conference presentations.

If you decide at any time that you wish to stop the survey, it is your right and you may do so without prejudice, penalty, or risk by your decision to stop your participation.  Furthermore, the investigator can also decide to stop your participation in the study without your consent.  

Should you have any other questions prior to or during the study you can contact the primary investigator, Professor Gary Miron at 269-387-5122 or by e-mail at gary.miron@wmich.edu. You may also contact the Chair, Human Subjects Institutional Review Board at 269-387-8293 or the Vice President for Research at 269-387-8298 if questions arise during the course of the study.
3% of survey complete.