Welcome to San Gorgonio's Recognitions System

Thank you for taking the time to nominate a Girl Scout member. The nomination you are submitting is recognizing excellence provided during the 2022-23 Membership Year (October 1, 2022 - Sept 30, 2023). Any nomination for service provided during the 2023-24 year will be discarded.

This part of the nomination process you will submit the name of the person/organization and will be asked to provide specific information supporting your nomination as well as the reasons you feel this person/organization is deserving of this recognition. The additional persons you provide to support your nomination will receive an email with a link to provide additional supporting information.

In order to complete part one of this survey, you will need:
-- Nominee’s information (email)
-- Names and email addresses of people who will write supporting nominations (awards may require 1-4 supporting nominations depending on the specific award) 
-- Supporting information with specific reasons/examples you feel this person/organization deserves this recognition

As part of the nomination review process, the recognitions committee will review each nomination to ensure it best fits the nominee's current year of service and the progression of awards.  

You can exit or cancel at any time, but information is not saved between sessions. The survey will automatically time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Incomplete nominations will be discarded -- be sure to continue to the end where you "sign" and push the "done" button. You can expect an acknowledgement of your submitted nomination from Council within 5 business days. 

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