Introduction & Survey Information

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The Learning Counsel is surveying U.S. K-12 and equivalent international primary educators about digital curriculum strategies and selecting the Top 10 to join us at our national Gathering event for an Awards Ceremony to honor their achievements.

Helps You

This Survey is also called an Assessment Tool because schools taking it year over year find that just the process of answering all the questions helps them to talk more amongst themselves and discover a strategy that levels up to meet more of a national average, or exceed it. When your school or district takes this Survey it helps you.

Could Save the World

The results from over 500 schools/districts responding helps set the bar for the nation’s overall tone and therefore what is delivered by the Learning Counsel for learning aids. After the first year we delivered a “Digital Curriculum Model Architecture” Special Report, downloaded by people all over the world. Last year we delivered the “71 Characteristics of Digital Curriculum” to help the world better understand what is going on inside learning software. In 2016 we’ll be one-upping ourselves even more, and your participation this year will set the bar for 2017. Together, we’re saving the world with better and better education delivered to millions of students.

Invited participants include: Senior education leaders, especially curriculum and technology executives or teams.

A ranking by the composition of an institution’s:
  • Strategy elements.
  • Digital curriculum tactics.
  • Coverage models.
  • Policies.
  • Organizational practices and systems.
  • Successful pedagogical shift.
  • Educator and student technology provisions, training, and use of digital curriculum.
The Survey contains in-depth questions about:
  • Goals and barriers to success.
  • 1-1 or BYOD programs.
  • Levels of asset purchasing, by core or supplemental digital curriculum or content.
  • Policies including student-data-privacy and security (New question on allowed algorithms this year.)
  • Issues preventing adoption or transition.
  • Device and network profiles.
The data resulting from this study will be used to produce a key findings report editorialized by the Learning Counsel and shared with our 140,000 members and the world via broad press releases that typically get picked up by mainstream media outlets.

Subsequent to the study:
  • An Awards Ceremony to honor the Top 10 Institutions for their achievements at the Gathering, Nov. 14-15, 2016 in Orlando, FL.
  • Findings will be provided to all study participants – with acknowledgement of the sponsors.
  • Winner interviews will be publically promoted with video capture, editorial on the Learning Counsel site, and press releases to general media outlets.
IMPORTANT NOTICE - Multiple Sessions will likely be required to complete this survey.

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To receive a PDF of the entire survey for printing and discussion with others in your district, please send a request email to: Please also reach out to Dr. David Kafitz with questions as needed.