The WHY
Your WHY is the most important and often missed
“WHY” will motivate you each day
It is your reason for doing something
It’s about what matters most to us
It represents our core values
It’s what we want to stand for
It relates to your passion, purpose and vision

Thriving not surviving
Your WHY will help you move from a state of surviving to thriving
It is the important first step to help you achieve your goals & create a life you will enjoy
Knowing your WHY helps you overcome challenges and hurdles that come your way

Successful People
Common theme for successful people is they know their WHY – their reason for doing what they do
Companies who are successful have a big WHY- a purpose that connects their consumers to their brand or product

Resilience is not the absence of distress or difficulty
It is the ability to adapt and grow following adversity
The person who fails miserably, feels intense negative emotions & survives is displaying resilience

Ways to Build Resilience
Group Activity
Brainstorm as a group all the ways you can build resilience
Identify 3 strategies of how to build resilience that you can use if you received a knock back for a job

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