Community Garden Experience

Please answer the following questions about your general experience at the community gardens this year.

* 1. Where did you garden this season?

* 2. Was this your first year as a community gardener with Garden City Harvest? 

* 3. Please rank from 1-12 your primary reasons for community gardening. 

* 4. Please rate your overall experience at the community garden this season?

* 5. Please rate the following statements according to how they best describe your experience in the community garden this season.

  Very true Somewhat true Not true N/A
I ate more fresh vegetables
I shared my garden produce with others
I shared gardening knowledge with other community gardeners
My gardening skills improved
I'm leading a healthier lifestyle now
I am more self-sufficient
My cooking skills improved
I feel more connected to my neighbors/neighborhood/community
My overall quality of life improved