Donate it Forward Program

Thank you for registering to participate. 
The Donate It Forward mileage incentive program is open to any volunteer driver with a local program partnered with our Regional Transportation Collaborative.  

Each driver may select ONE charitable/nonprofit to receive his/her equivalent annual mileage donation. The equivalent annual mileage is calculated using the number of miles the driver donates starting March 1, 2023 through September 30, 2023.  Donated mileage is factored at $0.25 cents per mile rate.

*PLEASE have your chosen charitable selection ready prior to completing this registration. 

In addition to the provided list, drivers may chose to donate to a local church or local community group of their choice that is a registered/local 501(c)(3). *Non-listed groups are subject to approval by the Regional Transportation Collaborative members.

A letter from the Regional Transportation Collaborative acknowledging the volunteer driver's contribution and a check for the amount of the donated mileage credit will be mailed in October 2023 to the driver's selected charity.  

More information, and a list of those registered nonprofits in our five counties is found here.