By filling out this questionnaire you will become an Alumni Ambassador. You embody the spirit of Destination Imagination and you are formally recognized by DI for your accomplishments and dedication. You will be added to our database of Alumni and may be contacted by Affiliate and Regional Directors in your area to participate in Tournaments, Training, fundraising, and other inspiring opportunities. You may even be asked to share your experience as a DI team member! All Alumni Ambassadors will receive a unique Alumni Ambassador pin.
Identifying information

* 1. I am an alum of Destination Imagination (or Odyssey of the Mind prior to 1999)

* 2. I am 18 years old or older

* 3. Full Name

* 4. Street Address - if you're in college, please use permanent mailing address.

* 5. In this format: City, State, Zip

* 6. Country

* 7. Phone Number

* 8. Email Address

* 9. Email Address (alternative)

* 10. What is your major/career?

DI History

* 11. Affiliates (state/province and/or country) in which you were a team member

* 12. Number of years as a competing DI participant

* 13. What challenges did you compete in?

* 14. I am currently or have recently volunteered with Destination Imagination in the following role(s):

* 15. Do you currently volunteer in the Affiliate in which you reside?

* 16. Do you volunteer in any other Affiliates?

* 17. What was the best part of your DI experience?

DI Goals

* 18. What are you hoping to gain as a DI volunteer?

* 19. In what ways would you like to volunteer?

In addition to creating a network of Alumni Ambassadors, DI has assembled a small council of Alumni that we can call on for a variety of needs. If you would like to be considered to be a part of this Council, potential duties include but are not limited to the following:

1. Provide feedback on Global Finals and other events
2. Provide feedback on logos and marketing materials
3. Be willing and available to attend the Ignite Conference and other professional development opportunities
4. Be willing and available to attend Global Finals Event
5. Be willing and able to meet with executives to discuss partnerships and development opportunities with DIHQ.

* 20. Are you interested in serving on the Alumni Ambassador Council? Council members will be interviewed and chosen in the Spring of each year leading up to Global Finals. Not all applicants will be chosen for interviews each year. You may apply each year to serve on the council.