Welcome to the DHR Testing Center Exam Administration Request form.  In order for DHR to prioritize examinations at the Testing Center, we are asking Department's to submit their exam administration requests through this format.  

There are three (3) sections of the Testing Center Exam Administration Request:
Part 1: Department Information
Part 2: Facility Information
Part 3: Examination Information

Questions marked with an asterisk * require a response to move forward in the survey.  If it is not applicable, please indicate N/A in the response.

Your Testing Center Exam Administration Request will be reviewed by a DHR Exams Manager or Supervisor.  Once approved, you will be asked to select dates to administer your examination at the Testing Center.

Standardized Citywide Exams will be administered through DHR's Exams Unit. There is a separate link to submit requests for Standardized Citywide Exams.