Water Conservation Survey

Dear Participant, 

In an effort to better understand how to engage with various stakeholders in order to improve the effectiveness of water conservation awareness campaigns on behalf of Water Wise, you have been selected to participate in a survey that will be used to:
·         gather a general understanding on causes of water shortages
·         assess the potential measures available to address the crisis
·         ascertain key communication models to address the plight

The questionnaire should take approximately 5 – 10 minutes to complete.

Your participation in this questionnaire is voluntary and you may withdraw from the process at any time.  Your response and participation is however very valuable to us and we would appreciate your assistance.  The collated results of the study may be published, however, your individual responses will be kept confidential.

The questionnaire has been divided into 4 sections.  Section 1 asks for general organisational background information, Sections 2 assesses your current level of water security awareness, Section 3 asks for recommendations regarding potential solutions to improve water conservation; and Section 4 covers effective communication methods. Please complete all the sections.

Thank you for your time and contribution to this research study.  Please do not hesitate to address any enquiries about the questionnaire or the research sturdy to:

Bradley Janse van Rensburg
Student at GIBS
MBA 2017 Candidate
Part Time Group Yellow
Syndicate 1
Email: 16391897@mygibs.co.za
Cell: 083-415-4121
Day time Landline: 011-554-8132