Welcome to the Extrinsic Assessment Survey!
As part of developing the new Coffee Value Assessment (CVA), SCA is seeking input about Extrinsic Attributes. This survey was developed to engage the coffee community, in an effort to understand which "extrinsic" attributes are most important in the trading of green coffee.

Extrinsic attributes are non-physical features of a product. In coffee, these may include all types of information about a coffee, including traceability, origin, processing, and sustainability information.  For more about extrinsic attributes in coffee, see this video.

By engaging the community with this survey, our goal is to leverage community knowledge to develop a useful list of attribute categories that can be integrated into the Extrinsic Attribute section of the Coffee Value Assessment.

Responses are anonymous and will be integrated into the upcoming expansion of the Coffee Value Assessment.

Thank you for your time and effort in completing this survey! 

SCA Research Team

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