The annual DFK ANZ Wavelength Survey is created in response to the continued interest in comparing and benchmarking small to medium enterprises across Australia and NZ.

The survey covers areas such as technology, business development and the challenges faced by businesses, and will only take a few minutes to complete.

To thank you for completing this survey and sharing your candid opinion, you will be entered in the draw to win one of 9 mini iPads.

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* 1. A quick opening question...

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* 2. Where are you located?

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* 3. Please enter your

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* 4. If you are not a business owner please skip to QUESTION 12. Otherwise please select the option below that best describes you

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* 5. please select which industry you are in

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* 6. Do you operate your business online?

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* 7. please select a turnover category for your business

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* 8. SECTION ONE: Challenges.

Business Owners are facing demanding market conditions and a variety of challenges that are common across all industries as well as industry specific challenges.

Part of our research goal is to collate and share the experiences of business owners across Australia and New Zealand.

Which of the following do you feel are current challenges you are facing in your business?

  Not Applicable Under control right now Aware this needs more attention now This is keeping you awake at night
Growing your customer base
Diversifying your customer base
Entering new markets with existing products or services
Entering new markets with new products or services
Increasing your profits
Increase the value of your business asset
Managing Cash flow
Financing working capital to maintain and grow your business
Succession planning
Compliance with red tape and business regulations
Profit margin pressure from competitors
Implementing new technologies
Attracting staff
Retaining staff
Managing wealth and understanding retirement options and issues
Considering Buy/Sell options for my business as part of my succession plans
The need to consider an external Audit and reviewing options and advantages

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* 9.

SECTION TWO: Technology and Trends

As the business landscape expands and changes, business leaders and their teams need to develop new skills.

Part of our research goal is to collate and share the training and development plans of business owners across the country.

What new skills do you feel you personally need or want to develop as a business owner to continue to grow and expand your business?

  not applicable adequate level of skills in this area skills required but not urgent urgent upskilling required
Improve my own industry/technical qualifications
HR, leadership and people management 
Understanding the opportunities and threats Cloud and other new technologies have on or for my business
Ability to better read and understand my businesses finances
Better understanding of the key drivers and key performance indicators of my business
Increase my understanding of how to take more advantage of sales, marketing and branding to grow my business
Increase my awareness of potential new markets and products in my industry
Better understand of how to do business overseas to expand my business

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* 10. What new skills do you feel your staff need to develop to help you to grow and build your business?

  not applicable adequate level of skills in this area skills required but not urgent urgent upskilling required
Sales Skills
Technical Skills
Business & Finance
People Management and HR

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* 11. What new technologies or practices have you adopted this year or will likely to adopt by the end of this year?

  not applicable Yes, we have implemented Still thinking about it No, we have not considered or implemented
Cloud based computing
Google Apps
Customer Relationship Management software
Project Management software
Offshore Outsourcing
Mobile devices

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* 12. SECTION THREE: Staying informed

The means of accessing information or self education have changed and expanded considerably over recent years.

Part of our research goal is to collate and share the trends of moving towards and away from specific delivery modes.How do you build your personal knowledge and stay abreast of developments that impact you or your business?

  used this in the past but no longer use this currently planning to use this I don’t think will ever use this
Live Webinars (Watch slides and voiceovers live on your computer and ask questions / discuss the topic with speaker and audience)
Recorded webinars (Watch at a time to suit you)
Live Teleseminars (listening to seminars without slides on the telephone)
Recorded Teleseminars (listen at a time that suits you)
Google Plus
Linked In
Articles published on websites
Email newsletter subscriptions
Attending educational events ie breakfast lunches etc hosted by Industry Organisations, lawyers, accountants etc
Short live seminars
Attendance at Industry Conferences
Online Learning (paid short courses accessed via a membership site)
Personal Coaching or Mentoring
Magazine subscriptions
Networking groups
Mastermind groups (A group of people meets regularly to tackle challenges and problems together.
Breakfast Briefings with a Keynote speaker

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* 13. SECTION FOUR: Financial Crystal Ball

There are a number of key economic indicators that can impact both upon your business itself and your market confidence. We would like to track opinions on how you feel these trends will develop.

  Increase Stabilise Decrease
In the next 12 months do you feel interest rates will:

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* 14. In the next 12 months you feel the Government will:

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* 15. In the next 12 months do you believe the dollar will

Strengthen against the US$ 
Stabilise against the US$
Weaken against the US$

Question Title

* 16.

As an SME access to finance, lines of credit, overdrafts, good interest rates and more are vital and we are keen to understand and share how positive these relationships are - how are do you feel you are treated by your service providers in this area?

Would you describe the relationship you have with your Bank or Financier to be: 

Thanks very much for taking the time to complete this survey - we look forward to sharing the results with you.

Kind regards,

Stephen Bushell
DFK Australia New Zealand