Have you left a conference with a new idea and all the tools and knowledge to implement... except for funding? We’d love to hear from you! This scholarship is open to thought leaders who work in middle and high school language programs, and who strive to advance their own proficiency practice. Scholarship funds can be applied to professional development, materials for research, supplies to pilot a new proficiency-driven strategy in your classroom, or funds you need to share your voice: presentation/workshop supplies, conference entry costs, podcast or blog costs, etc.

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* 1. Contact Information

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* 2. Dollar Amount

How much money are you requesting? Please enter a number between 50-500 with no dollar sign.

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* 3. Request budget:

How will the dollars you are requesting be used?
  • If purchasing products, please provide the product name(s) and general costs.
  • If for an experience, please outline the general costs.
  • If covering part of a larger project budget, briefly explain the total cost.

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* 4. Grant narrative and impact statement:

What are you seeking to fund? Who will be impacted (directly or indirectly) by this grant, and how? 

The Scholarship Review Board will evaluate your answer based on:
  • the connection between your vision and this month's scholarship purpose
  • the strength of your impact statement
  • the inclusion of student demographic information
  • the clarity of your connections to DEI
  • the creativity of your idea
Learn how we evaluate and distribute awards.

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* 5. Language(s):

What language(s) will be taught or studied in connection with this project? Choose all that apply.

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* 6. Grade level(s):

What are the grade levels of your learners who will be impacted by this project? Choose all that apply.

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* 7. Proficiency Levels:

What are the proficiency levels of your learners who will be impacted by this project? Choose all that apply.

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* 8. Post-award report:

If you are selected, we will ask you to submit a post-grant report within one year of receiving the award. This should include a minimum of one brief paragraph recapping the project status.

Wayside may use quotes or media from grantees to build its future scholarship and grant offerings (following our transparency and privacy policies). 

Do you agree to comply with this reporting requirement?

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If you can provide additional reporting or evidence of the award's impact, what might that be?

*Additional reporting will help our program manager but is not part of the evaluation rubric.