1. Expectations for Volunteer Subject Specialist

On-site Evaluation:
The purpose of the on-site evaluation is to independently evaluate the information submitted in the institution’s Self-Evaluation Report (SER) and gather additional facts for DEAC. The evaluators verify that the institution is meeting its mission and can demonstrate successful student achievement. Evaluators are expected to review the SER and additional assessments prior to the on-site evaluation. During the on-site evaluation, subject specialist evaluators are expected to attend all team meetings and examine various aspects of the institution, including its curriculum, its processes, and its representatives. At the completion of the evaluation, subject specialist are expected to report their findings to the chair of the evaluation team using the DEAC-issued assessment forms. 
Off-site Evaluation: 
The purpose of the off-site evaluation is to independently evaluate the information submitted in the institution’s educational offerings report and instructional materials. For off-site evaluations, subject specialists are provided the institution's curriculum and access to the learning management system. They must examine the materials and determine if the program offered by the institution is in compliance with DEAC Accreditation Standards. At the completion of the evaluation, subject specialists are expected to report their findings to DEAC using the assessment forms provided.
To be selected as a subject specialist, DEAC requires that the applicant hold an academic degree from an appropriately accredited institution. In addition, DEAC requires that the applicant have experience with distance education delivery methods. The applicant must be able to effectively use current electronic media. 
Vocational/Non-degree Program
Applicants are selected based on experience teaching technically- or practice-oriented courses or have practical experience in the field and possess current licenses and/or certifications, as applicable.
Degree Programs
For degree programs, applicants must hold a degree relevant to  the program undergoing review. The degree must be one level higher or the appropriate terminal degree.
All applicants must complete the DEAC evaluator tutorial  and receive a certificate of completion. DEAC maintains a record of applicant qualifications.
Please email Jessica Lucey at Jessica.lucey@deac.org with any questions.
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