Survey Objective
The objective of this survey is to assess operational benchmarks for organizations providing applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to individuals with autism. It is a follow-up to a survey conducted by CASP one year ago. The results allowed us to establish benchmarks for the most important operational metrics for ABA service providers, as well as their impact on profitability.

This survey will allow us to assess how much the underlying economic environment for ABA services and the operational efficiency of ABA service providers have changed. The responses will be used to calculate prevailing profitability ranges and enable organizations to identify areas of operational improvement to help maintain and enhance viability in the current operating environment.  A high response rate will also allow for benchmarks on a regional basis and make results more relevant to the ABA community. To that end, identifying the county/counties of operation in the section on “Background Information” will be helpful.  Please note, however, that providing county information is optional.

Please complete this questionnaire by Tuesday, March 28.  The average completion time is approximately 5 minutes. We will summarize and share the results soon after the close of the survey.  In addition, we will present detailed results and discuss the implications of findings at the 2023 CASP pre-conference workshop in Tampa on Sunday, April 23, 2023.

1. This survey is targeted at individual operating regions.  Please fill out the questionnaire for the operating location/region most representative of your operations.  Time permitting, we would, of course, appreciate you filling out an additional questionnaire for each of your other operating regions.

For purposes of this questionnaire, an "operating location/region" is defined as a geographical area in which the underlying economics (e.g., reimbursement rates, wage rates) are substantively uniform. As an example, a metropolitan area such as Atlanta, GA, would likely be considered one operating location, while Dallas, TX, would likely be a separate operating location due to different prevailing wages and reimbursement.

2. If some operational data are not available for purposes of this questionnaire, approximations are perfectly acceptable and valuable to the end analysis.

Please Note:
This questionnaire is anonymous. Individual responses and raw data are accessible by authorized CASP staff only.

This survey will be conducted in accordance with CASP policies and all applicable laws, including antitrust laws, prohibiting agreements on price or compensation factors. Information contained in this survey is not intended to, and may not, play any role in the competitive decisions of survey participants or related parties within their respective business entities or in any way restrict competition in the industry. All decisions regarding prices, fees, salary, or compensation must be made individually and not in concert with others outside of the business entity.