Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs)

Membership fee: $150

a)      Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) refer to a single provincial governing body responsible of all aspects of a designated sport that is recognized by the government of Prince Edward Island.

b)      These organizations govern the circumstances of a particular sport activity and are the Provincial Authority (Provincial Sport Organization) recognized by their National Sport Governing Body (NSO) or Multi-Sport Organization (MSO).

c)      PSOs are expected to be the governing body for their sport, for both genders, all age groups and levels, and all disciplines of the sport, including disciplines and events for athletes with a disability. Exceptions may include established disciplines in PEI or Canada that have developed separately through historic precedence. If more than one organization applies as the PSO in the same sport, a determination of specific sports will be made. 

d)      A recognized provincial sport organization is defined as:  An officially constituted organization which is provincial in scope and is in agreement with the mandate that their organization is set up for the promotion, development, implementation and governance of the sport for all Islanders.

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