Thank you for your interest in teaching in the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Portland.

Be prepared to answer questions on your preferences for grades and schools/geographical locations. Also, be prepared to list your employment history, educational history, licenses, and degrees. You will need to upload your letters of recommendation, transcripts, and copies of your teaching license when prompted. Only PDF files are accepted. You may also have letters sent directly from your references to the Department of Catholic Schools (DCS) at (don't forget the "d" in
Signed waiver forms are required for each recommendation letter. The fillable waiver form is available on the Teaching Application Process page.

For uploads (questions 37-42): only one file per question is allowed. You may combine the items into one document if you prefer and upload using any of the upload buttons. 

NOTE: Your responses to each question is what the principal will see on your application; for example, if you type all lower case, that is what will be sent to them. 

Your application is not saved until you click the SUBMIT APPLICATION BUTTON at the bottom of the form. Please do not submit multiple applications.