This event is organized by Dance Collective Northwest (, a 501c3 non-profit, run by volunteers.
If you have any questions, please contact us at

Deadline: The facilitator selection process will begin March 25th, please submit your proposals by this date.
Camp Dates: August 19th - 26th 2018 at Fort Flagler State Park on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington
Benefits: We are hearing from our community that people would prefer teachers who can spend more time at camp, so to honor this focus toward community we are changing our “payment” structure.

For DCNW 2018 teachers (for both adult and youth classes) and DJs will receive two free nights (room, board & classes) for each class/DJ set they offer. We certainly hope that you will also be able to enjoy extra days at camp, and we are happy to offer additional days at a reduced rate that covers our basic camp costs (TBD). (If this new exchange method for teachers/DJs doesn’t work for you please feel free to email us <> and we’ll try and negotiate something else.)

* 1. Full Name

* 2. Email

* 3. Phone Number

* 4. Website

* 5. Short Publishable Biography (Aim for no more than 100 words for an individual and 150 if you have a co-teacher, and be specific. This might be the participants’ only introduction to you.)

* 6. Class Title & Description and or Musical Style & Preferred Set Length

* 7. Who is the class/music targeted for? (beginners, advanced, all levels, couples, etc.)

* 8. Age Demographic

* 9. Class Length

* 10. What is your experience teaching this type of class outside of dance camp?

* 11. Please list the 3 most significant events that you've taught at within the last year.

* 12. Indicate your availability for Dance Camp Northwest 2018

  Preferred Available Unavailable
Sun August 19th
Mon August 20th
Tue August 21st
Wed August 22nd
Thu August 23rd
Fri August 24th
Sat August 25th
Sun August 26th

* 13. Please indicate your sound needs if any. 
(Headphone cable for mp3 player or computer.  Wired or wireless microphone. 
Other mixer connections, RCA/XLR/etc.)

* 14. Why do you want to be a teacher for Dance Camp Northwest 2018? Anything else we should know about you before selecting our teachers?

We look forward to reviewing your ideas.  Please understand that we receive more applications than we can accommodate.  Therefore, the application process is selective, based on our efforts to provide a varied set of offerings within the realm of what we have learned our campers will enjoy.  We will try to let you know as quickly as possible whether we can schedule your proposal.  If accepted, we will send you a contract specifying the terms of our agreement.  Thank you for your application!