Thank you for attending DrupalCon New Orleans!

We hope you enjoyed the conference as much as we did. Your feedback will help us make future DrupalCons even better!

Question Title

* 1. Please rank how each of the following aspects impacted your decision to attend DrupalCon New Orleans.

  High Impact Some Impact Hardly Any Impact No Impact At All
Keynote speakers
Session speakers
Session content
Industry-specific summits
Training opportunities
Sprints & contribution opportunities
Networking opportunities
Chance to meet a Drupaler I admire
Evening & Social Events
My employer is a DrupalCon sponsor
My colleagues or friends are attending
A client or co-worker asked me to attend
To meet one of the sponsoring companies
To meet new clients or partners
Chance of finding a job
To hire people
To promote my organization
To promote my local Drupal community
To promote a project I'm working on
Travel distance to conference venue
Lodging and entertainment costs
City reputation
Tourism/sightseeing opportunities

Question Title

* 2. Was the value you received from the conference worth the price you paid?